Specifically for passenger-carrying ships and inland navigation, Dutch Marine Systems and KNAUF developed and were first to market the Diamond Board Marine partition wall. The product is based on a metal-stud construction, which is fitted with KNAUF Diamond Board Marine tiles on both sides.

Seamless finish

With a thickness of 12.5 mm per tile, the partition wall system can be integrated seamlessly. This allows for the application of a variety of top layers including wallpaper, plasterwork, paint, or other decorative finishings. These special wall tiles have been awarded the strict B-15 certification and are the perfect choice for finishing cabins, living spaces, hallways, and storage spaces in both passenger-carrying vessels and riverboats.

Impregnated core

This fire protection system truly includes everything that other tiles are lacking. The tile includes an ultra hardened core of special gypsum which makes it extremely durable, impact resistant and fire retardant. The tile has been fully impregnated to the core which means that it is highly moisture resistant and thus suitable for damp rooms.

Certified system

The Knauf Diamond Board Marine was developed in collaboration with KNAUF and made available to the market in early 2008. Dutch Marine Systems is the exclusive distributor for the Dutch market. It is a certified system and DMS delivers the KNAUF B-15 wall system including all necessary materials such as profiles, screws, and jointing compounds. The KNAUF Diamond Board Marine (KDM) is in stock and available in the following size: 1200 x 2220 x 12.5 mm. Moreover, a custom-sized edition can be ordered. The available length starts at 1000 m2.

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