Projects 2019 - 2020

More than 20 years of experience

Over the past years we have completed many interior construction projects in passenger carrying vessels, powerboats, cruise ships, steamships, party cruise ships, and mega yachts. Our experts offer clients total solutions thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience in producing, delivering, and installing fire-resistant and acoustic systems on ships.

Project partner producing certified and own products

Our project related services combined with certified products guarantee a smooth and safe interior construction of your ship. We adhere to a professional approach for each project and we always focus on the demands and wishes of our clients as well as on the quality of the executed work.

TM Polaris motorschip DMS

Motor ships

For each project, we offer our clients a total solution of MED certified fire-resistant and acoustic systems. In 2019 and 2020, we completed projects for a variety of clients in motor ships.

A few examples:


Mts TM Polaris
Mts New Orleans
Mts Piz Linard
Mts Piz Dolf
Mts Piz Ventoux
Mts Piz Turba
Mts Piz La Margna

Mts Brunello
Mts Synergy
Mts Aimee
Mts Emma
Mts Nadia
Mts Odyssee
Mts Mabel
Mts Bermuda

Rivierboten Amacello DMS

River cruise ships

When transporting passengers across national and international waters, fire resistant and acoustic systems are of critical importance. To protect people and the environment, doors, walls, and ceilings should have excellent flame-retardant capabilities. The fire-resistant solutions of Dutch Marine Systems meet all standards and ensure superior quality. Below you will find a few projects we completed for a variety of clients.

Mps Excellence Empress
Mps Lady Diletta
Mps Amasiena
Mps Nicko Spirit
Mps Vista Sky
Mps TM Vega

Mps Avalon Vessels
MPS AmaCello
Mps River Countess
Refit crew Mps River Dutchess
Mps Excellence Countess
Refit crew Mps River Princess



Aside from motor ships and river cruise ships we also completed interior construction projects in steamships. Dutch Marine Systems is a supplier of the quality brands Hotek (RFID locks) and OTD (key card systems) including software packages. These systems offer safety and control for the passengers and the crew. We also provide fire-resistant doors, custom door frames, fire-resistant partition walls and other certified products we produce and are combined to deliver high quality results providing safety and security for a variety of clients.

A few projects:

SS La Venetia
SS Viola

Blue Rhapsody DMS

Party cruise ships

Party cruise ships are used as locations for cruise events in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. A ship such as Blue Rhapsody has the capacity to carry 600 persons, has four stories and it includes ambient lounges. Acoustic comfort and fire protection are of utmost importance to ensure the guests pleasant evenings.

DMS has been involved in projects for example Blue Rhapsody and Jules Verne.

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