Leading business since 1998

Since 1998, Dutch Marine Systems has been a leading company in producing, installing, and delivering certified fire-resistant partition walls, doors, and ceiling systems for ships. DMS delivers worldwide and is the perfect project partner for the interior construction of riverboats and seaworthy passenger-carrying vessels.

Needless to say, the safety (SAFE) of the passengers in each individual vessel is paramount. Our products and systems meet the highest standards of acoustic comfort (SILENT) to ensure superior comfort during your trip.

Our solutions and systems

Our certified products are delivered worldwide. We offer you perfect solutions and systems for acoustic and fire protection systems in all your projects.

The perfect partner for your project

The experts of Dutch Marine Systems offer clients total solutions thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience in producing, delivering and installing fire-resistant and acoustic  systems on ships. Their comprehensive approach enables them to successfully complete even the most complex projects. They guarantee a quick installation process so that a ship under construction or undergoing renovation can be completed in the shortest amount of time possible. We place and install window and door frames, partition walls, and ceilings on the job. In addition, and advantage of our easily demountable systems is that installers and mechanics can easily access the insulated parts of a ship to carry out routine maintenance and repairs.
Dutch Marine Systems does a lot more than just producing and delivering goods. Our technical engineering experts will guide you in finding the perfect solutions for your project.

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